Monday, July 25, 2011

Adopting Again? Are You Crazy?

Well, I guess the answer depends on how you define crazy.  If you define crazy as giving up creature comforts, sacrificing even more scarce time, accepting unknown risks, and pretty much assuring our children that we will never be able to pick up the tab on their college education then yes...we are completely insane!

However, my definition of crazy is a bit upside down these days.  I would define crazy as wasting even a single day when God has asked us to move.  Crazy would be sitting back and thinking we've done enough and that it is someone else's turn.  Crazy would be thinking that there will always be tomorrow or next year to act, when in fact next year is not promised to anyone.  Crazy would be thinking we could do any of this on our own when our heavenly Father has made it quite clear that we have done none on our own.  

Thankfully, God has made his loving presence known in our household and we rely on his grace, mercy, and provisions to get through each and every day.  Sometimes minute by minute.  On our own, we have been in over our heads for quite some time.  As Beth Moore likes to say, "Baggage attracts baggage."  Without God, our home would be one big luggage turnstile.  I believe the day we welcomed Larry into the world, God had a sly grin on his face thinking, "This unsuspecting young couple has no idea that they are about to take the ride of their lives."  Wouldn't you like to take that kind of ride?  Maybe it's not adoption, but some other risk God is calling you to take for his glory.  Go ahead, take the first step toward whatever God may be calling you to do.  Step out of your comfort zone, trust him, rely on him, and watch your life transform right in front of you.  Then, watch that transformation impact those around you!  It is miraculous...and that is a guarantee.  

The truth is, while I sit here in my comfortable chair inside my comfortable climate controlled building, drinking my safe filtered water, and enjoying a cup of coffee all while having the luxury to put these thoughts into words, 30,000 people will die.  Yes, that is correct.  Each day, 30,000 of God's children...children God loves no less than you and I will die of preventable diseases.  

As Luke 12:48 says, "...from everyone who has been given much; much will be expected.  And from the one who has been entrusted with more, much more will be asked."  Even during an economic downturn, slow job growth, rising unemployment and a host of other negative economic indicators, those of us in developed nations are living far, far better than the majority of human beings cohabiting God's beautiful creation.  If you have clean water and more than one meal per day, you are rich in the eyes of 925 million hungry people in the world.  Water + Breakfast + Lunch = Rich.  Have you ever thought about it in those terms?  Forget about the cost of extracurricular activities, brand named clothing, college education, and a host of other luxuries.  Let's stick to the basics.  Can you make a difference, a huge life-changing positive difference in the life of someone?  If you are reading this than the answer is yes.  A big emphatic Y.E.S.  If you cannot adopt, consider sponsoring a child.  If children are not your thing, help build a well.  If you don't like water, visit your local food bank and ask for ways to get involved.  If you don't like food...well, I'm not sure what to say about that. :-)

Bringing it full circle, my one request, God, is that the child or children you have planned for our home are over five years of age.  I know you like to scoff at my requests, but as a persistent control freak, I just do not possess enough self control not to ask.  If you do see fit to bless us with another preschooler, I think it will be safe to safe that we will, in fact, be crazy by every definition imaginable.  Please do not let that happen.  I trust you.  Amen!


  1. I'm so excited for you! I'm hoping to make the same statement someday soon...but God is going to have to let my husband know that we are supposed to do it again. :-)

    Carmen D.

  2. Thank you, Carmen. I look forward to seeing how God moves in the lives of your family!