Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Voices In My Head

Yesterday, I had to stop and laugh at the craziness that has become our new life and home. With a four-year-old, two-year-old, one-year-old, and an extremely patient eleven-year-old, conversations really can be quite amusing...if I can only see through the insanity to laugh and enjoy it.  

Now, before I describe all that was said in a short five minute window, let me first describe the personalities of the pantry-raiding, always moving, decibel 194 children that God has blessed us with.  

We are the proud parents of Larry, Moe, Sassy, and Sporty.  Larry, our four-year-old, is a bit OCD, just like his  mama.  The best word we have come up with to describe him is intense.  Emotionally intense, physically intense, and, intellectually intense.  His mind goes a mile per minute and his questions never cease.  Moe, our two-year-old, used to be our laid back child.  That is, until two more children entered the home.  Moe is silly, energetic, curious, and a big fan of trains and anything that annoys Larry.  Sassy is our princess stinky pants.  She is eighteen months old, has been in our home a little over one week, and commands attention.  She is loud, opinionated, bright-eyed, inquisitive, silly, eats more than a grown man, and attached to mama..literally.  She has mastered the word 'no' and knows how to defend herself against her brothers.  Sporty is our eleven-year-old achiever.  He is wonderful with his brothers and sister and determined to succeed.  He is artistic, athletic, and very welcoming.  Also being in our home only one week, it seems as if he has always been with us.  

The following conversation, if you can call it that, all occurred yesterday morning before I even had the chance to down my first cup of Ethiopian coffee:

Sporty (while looking at a calender provided by our adoption agency):  Naming all the people he knew in the photos.  When he got to a photo of a little girl from Russia, he asked who she was.

Larry (the gears started turning):  Where is Russia, Mommy?  What happens in Russia?  Do the rush in Russia?

Moe (playing with his food):  I'm in charge, I'm in charge.

Larry (looking irritated):  You are not in charge.  Mommy and Daddy are in charge...they make the rules.

Sassy (downing her second or third bowl of eggs and getting ready to be heard):  Up, up, up, UP!!

Moe (trying to annoy Larry):  I'm in charge (evil smile).

Larry:  NOOOOOOOOO.  Mommy, Moe said he is in charge and he is NOT in charge.

Sporty:  Bike?  Outside?  Soccer?  Mommy, play?  

Me:  I wish I could play...or go to school with you for a few hours. 

Larry (recalling a Pinkerton book about burglars):  Mommy, do burglars live on earth?

Me:  Yes, Larry.  

Larry (getting concerned):  Do burglars live in America?

Me:  Yes, some burglars unfortunately do live in America.

Larry (tears welling up):  Do burglars live in Texas?

Me:  I'm not sure, Larry...but my guess would be yes.  

Larry (now crying, very concerned, and rechecking the wiring in our home security system):  Are the burglars coming to our house?  Mommy, how do we know they are not coming?  I am scared.  

Me:  Trying not to laugh and recalling conversations from the day before about tectonic plates and tornadoes.  

Sporty (went outside to ride his bike)

Moe  (dancing around Larry repeating over and over that he is in charge)

Sassy: Up, up, up! (communicating a sound level that must have gotten her attention while living with twenty other toddlers)

Me (staring at the coffee pot): Recalling Philippians 1:6 which states, "Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

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  1. I am nearly dying with laughter!!! That sounds so familiar. We often wonder how so many people can be talking at once yet no one actually completes a sentence!

  2. As a mom of four, 7,5,4,&2 and a 6 year old step-daughter, I understand the volume level. It is amazing that a mom can carry on four converstaions at one time, and how each child copes with the chaos.

    Like all the times people offered advice with each new birth, take advantage of the time you have, because it goes by quickly. I am new at understanding this. My church is doing a series, 30 Day to Live. What perspective I now have of the time I spend with my family. The chaos will not go away, the volume does not quiet (unless they are all asleep) but the joy of a child looking at you and saying, "I love you Mama" is pure bliss.

    God gives us those moments, as mothers, to tell us, "You are doing a good job. I have entrusted these children into your care because I knew you would suceed. They are a blessing to you, from Me."

    So...take the time-out when you need one. Tell them you need a moment to pray to refocus and find patience, and they will blow your mind when they say "okay" and actually give you a couple minutes of peace.

    (A's sister)

  3. Thanks, Chelsea! Children are indeed a wonderful gift from God. Stopping in the middle of the chaos and praising Him or slipping away for a quiet prayer are definitely in order!